Monday, 9 March 2009

Happy Birthday Rosvo! 2009

For Rosvo's birthday pic, Misty was mysteriously captured. When she awakes, she finds herself encased in a Latex Suit, with the arms and legs attached together, and ballgaged. She is helpless and unable to move, as she waits Rosvo to claim his "present", all wrapped up in latex. lol. XD

The 2nd image is an alternative version, which the sort of gag Rosvo fans would be familiar with. lol.

In the final image, it looks like somebody got to Misty before Rosvo could! Her gag has been replaced with a Latex Bondage hood, which shuts off her senses, making her unable to hear or see (Don't worry, she can breath though her nose while in the mask). To add insult to injury, she has had a choker (Believe that's what its called) attached to her neck, keeping the mask firmly on and making her unable to move her head.

As the person leaves, she activates, via remote control, a little playmate for Misty, a vibrator! Now who could possibly be so mean? lol.

Now Misty waits for either Rosvo to come unwrap his "present" or for the batteries to run out, whatever comes first! XD

Happy Birthday Rosvo! Hope this is alright! :)

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