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Patreon Gallery Index

Time to make some use of this thing. XD

Anyone visiting my Patreon Gallery knows how hard it can be to look for certain content or older posts without scrolling through EVERYTHING. So what's a guy to do?

Why, making on Index of links on this blog of course!

The plan will be to list and link everything on my Patreon gallery here on this blog entry so you can easily find what you're looking, look for certain works with a certain fetishes as I will list those with each work, or just look through and see if anything catches your eye. This will also include links to Donator Exclusive works but keep in mind you have to be a $2 donator to actually view it.

Gallery Link- https://www.patreon.com/laprasking


This is a work in progress and will be updated regularly till everything is catalogued. If you follow my works often, I would recommend bookmarking this page and viewing often. ;)

Okay, here we go.



The Sexy Return of Jafar 
Chapter One
Chapter Two ***Coming Soon***
Themes: Hypnosis/Mind Control, Yuri/Lesbian, Transgender/Gender Bender 


Ashley Previews ($2 Donation Content)
Themes: Hypnosis/Mind Control, Transgender/Gender Bender

Hoothoots Waitress Dawn Previews ($2 Donation Content)
Themes: Hypnosis/Mind Control, HootHoots

Serena Sling Bikini
Free Pic
Set of Variations (Requires $2 Donation)
Themes: Bikini, Nudity, Cute, Funny

Cynthia Sling Bikini
Free Pic
Set of Variations (Requires $2 Donation)
Theme: Bikini, Nudity, Sexy


Princesses of TG Previews ($2 Donation Content)
Themes: Transgender/Gender Bender, Cute


Can't see a certain pic or fic you're looking for? Leave a comment below and I'll either link it to you or upload it. ;) 

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Future of the Blog Part 2

As you probably have guessed, I've kinda stopped posting here in favor of Patreon. ^^;

So basically if you want to see my newest works that I cannot post on Deviantart, you can find them all over on my Patreon gallery both for free and as a $2 donator many new exclusive artwork and fanfiction you will not find anywhere else. ;)


As for this blog, it'll serve as a backup in-case I need it but there won't really be anymore updates here.

A MASSIVE thank you for everyone who has watched and viewed this blog over the years. In due time, we have make the Patreon Gallery even more awesome then this blog ever achieved! ;)

As a parting gift, here is a new banner for this blog as it'll also serve as an archive for the older content and a sort of preview for the Pateon gallery too. This sexy banner was made by someone really special and very dear to me. <3 p="">
Once again, thank you all, and see you over on Patreon! =D

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Future of this Blog

So yesterday, I got this email from Blogger.

Dear Blogger User,

We're writing to tell you about an upcoming change to the Blogger Content Policy that may affect your account.

In the coming weeks, we'll no longer allow blogs that contain sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video. We'll still allow nudity presented in artistic, educational, documentary or scientific contexts, or where there are other substantial benefits to the public from not taking action on the content.

The new policy will take effect on 23 March 2015. After this policy comes into force, Google will restrict access to any blog identified as being in violation of our revised policy. No content will be deleted, but only blog authors and those with whom they have expressly shared the blog will be able to see the content that we've made private.

Our records indicate that your account may be affected by this policy change. Please refrain from creating new content that would violate this policy. We would also ask you to make any necessary changes to your existing blog to comply as soon as possible so that you won't experience any interruptions in service.

So what this means is that The Angelic One's Void is in jeopardy, as in content's going to most likely be removed. Nothing I can really do about it but if there are pics and fics on there you like, best be saving them before the 23rd. Anyone else with Blogger journals for Mature Works should take note of this.

So where does this lead the future for all my future "Too Hot for DA" uploads then? The answer is actually something I've been planning for a couple of months now, but because of this recent revelation I can finally start to roll it out.

Patreon Button Lime by prettypunkae

That's right, I have created a Patreon gallery. This will serve as a place for my more "Mature" works but also a place you find any of my works that I have done. As for the donation part yes, I will be offering pics and sketches you can only see as a donator. These include content that is Premium Content on DA and sketch and inked versions of Mature work that has never been uploaded on the blog, but also some pics you cannot find on Deviantart or the blog.

Here is the link to my page.

At the moment, there is about 2 dozen images uploaded (3 Exclusive pics you will not find on DA and that includes a brand new Ashley sketch!) with many many more backlog uploads to come (I'm going to try and get all the blog content up there before next month.).

In regards to Deviantart, I will always be on this site as my main hub for my art, for as long as DA wants to keep me. The Patreon gallery is NOT a replacement for my creative activity it is more of a place for those that want a little extra from me, see my mature works, or wish to support me via donations. If anything, Patreon will be easy to view content then the blog ever was and hopefully easier to find and watch too. In the long run, hopefully this can be a good thing and maybe even better then the blog ever was.

So yeah, hope you will all enjoy the Patreon page and all my future works from here on out. :)

Friday, 30 January 2015

Dark Sexy Goddess

Bout time for some new blog content! ;) Especially for a certain someone's bday. X3

Monday, 4 August 2014

The Twists and Twirls of Ursula

Chapter 2

A few weeks later in Rustburo City, the start of the new season of Hoenn Pokemon Contests had finally began. As the groups of coordinators and crowd onlookers gathered towards the contest hall for the first of many contests, a certain blue haired coordinator from Sinnoh was making her way to the hall as well.

“Alright!” the eighteen year old cheered. “The start of another contest season! Oh all those battles, dresses to try on and ribbons to win, I cannot wait to for all of that!”

“Piplup Pip!” her penguin Pokemon cheered as well.

“Well well, look want the Glameow dragged in.” spoke a familiar voice.

Dawn knew full well who's voice was referring to her and she was ready for her. She had gone through her mind a million times what that person would say to her and she was prepared and ready to counter with her own remark this season. She tried making friends with her but to no avail, so Dawn would not feel bad anymore if she gave the girl in question a bad remark even if it was out of her character to do so. As Dawn turned around however, she was met with a most unexpected sight.

“Oh Ursu...” Dawn spoke till the sight her eyes caught paused her talking. It was Ursula alright, but stood next to her rival coordinator was another rival, but one she was very close friends with. Zoey was stood next to Ursula sporting the same curled hairstyle as Ursula, wearing a small black top that revealed a lot of cleavage, while her navel was exposed in full view. Her trademark blue jeans were not worn on Zoey but rather a black latex thong. The only other things Zoey wore were black heels and a collar around her neck with a leash attached to it and being held by Ursula. “...Z-Zoey! What...”

“Surprised to see her?” Ursula grinned.

“Zoey, why are you dressed like that?” Dawn asked her friend. “This isnt like you...”

“Oh Zoey has given up coordinating and instead has decided to support my coordinating instead as my loyal slave” Ursula ran a finger down Zoey's body from neck to thong.

“But why? Zoey, you loved being a coordinator! Why would you pack it all in for something like this?”

“Because I love my Mistress Ursula.” Zoey answered in a cold tone.

Dawn's eyes widen as she felt like her heart has been pierced by the sharpest knife.

“T-That can't be!” Dawn stuttered. “You can't possibly...”

“Who I love and am loyal to has nothing to do with you, you tramp.” Zoey answered.

“Zoey, we're friends! How can say such mean things to me?” Dawn started to get upset to the point of getting teary eyed. “After everything we went through in Sinnoh, did that not mean anything?”

As if to rub it in her face, Zoey turned to Ursula and began to make out with her, kissing her lips with great passion.

“I think she's answered your question.” Ursula poked her tongue out before engaging in more kissing. Unable to bear watching anymore of this, Dawn ran off to the contest hall in a state with Piplup running after her.

Sometime later, Dawn was in a dressing room in her pink dress preparing for the contest. She tried to get her head into the head, but she was unable to get the image of Ursula and Zoey being a couple out of her mind. It wasnt even the fact they were an idea, Zoey had devoted herself purely to Ursula to the point of being a slave. All she could keep asking herself was why, Zoey was not close to Ursula in any way during their time in Sinnoh, while Ursula was beyond the friendliest person she had ever encountered. It just made no sense in the short time between the Sinnoh Grand Festival and the start of the Hoenn Contests they would be so close while Zoey had completely shut off any feelings she once had for Dawn. Dawn went through in her mind what she could of said or done to make Zoey feel that way but she could think of nothing, only the closest and more dear memories she shared with Dawn. Looking herself in the mirror, she was reminded of the time Zoey brushed her hair, as well as all the times she helped her out with contests. Even that time after she won her first ribbon and lost twice afterwards, Zoey went out of her way to go to her and was there for Dawn to pick her up. Dawn was certain that had she not done that, Dawn would not be a coordinator anymore. In-fact, Dawn had developed very close feelings towards Zoey that day that had only grown with every time they bumped into each other in Sinnoh. Hell, after the Grand Festival when they were alone together, Dawn was just so close to telling Zoey that she loved her, but she chickened out from fear of rejection. This time was different however, as Dawn was ready to tell Zoey how she felt for her, and ready for whatever the response would be, just like how she was prepared for when she would see Ursula again but just like that, her first reencounter had not gone so well.

“...maybe I shouldnt even enter this contest today.” Dawn sighed. “Today has been too much already...”

“Piplup!” her Pokemon tugged at the bottom of her dress.

“Oh Piplup, if Zoey was still Zoey, she'd tell me not to look down, get out there and perform to the best of my ability. But now, I just don't know what to think. She has completely shut me off and now thrown herself into Ursula's arms......wait, no. This can't be right Piplup. Zoey would never do anything like this before! Something must of happened to her! Yeah Ursula must of...done....some...thing....”

Dawn felt herself slipping into a daze as did Piplup, like her head and her eyelids were beginning to feel very heavy. Unable to start awake, she placed her arms on the dresser she was sat in front and placed her head on top of them like a pillow, and fell fast asleep, while Piplup collapsed on the floor in a more comedic fashion. Just then, the door to her room opened as Ursula and Zoey entered the room.

“Okay Jigglypuff, you can come out now!” Ursula commanded. Out of a ventilation shaft, her Jigglypuff walked out and jumped into her Mistress's arms. “Hehheh, you should do have a talent of singing silently!”

“Jigglypuff!” the round pink Pokemon smiled before returning into it's Pokeball.

“Right then Zoey, time we deal with our little sleeping Sherlock before she messes with me this contest season!”

“Yes Mistress.” Zoey obeyed.

When Dawn finally began to slowly awake, her surrounds had changed. No longer in the dressing room she last remember being in, she was laid down looking up at an unfamiliar white ceiling. Looking to her sides, she was in what looked like a hotel room before wondering why she could not move and why was it a little chilly. To her horror, not only were her wrists and ankles tied to the bed posts keeping her in an X position on a soft double bed, she was also completely naked! Dress, underwear, even her trademark yellow hair clips were all missing.

”W-What is this?” Dawn struggled at her binds, unable to move even an inch. “Why am I here tie to this bed, and why am I naked?”

“Oh I'm here to keep you from ruining my Mistress's first contest!” Zoey stood out of her chair in the room, revealing herself to Dawn. “If I'm right, she should be competing in the second round already!”

“What? I've been out all that long? Where's Piplup?!?”

“Oh his sound asleep inside his Pokeball.” Zoey stroked Dawn's left side. “Not that you should be worrying about him right now!”

“Zoey, please answer me! Why are you doing this? What has Ursula don- * gulp *”

“Oh shut up.” Zoey shoved a ballgag into Dawn's open mouth, then quickly strapping it around her head. “Mistress told me you might say anything to get yourself out of this, so she made sure to give me something to shut your bitch mouth.”

“Mrph Mrrph Mrrrphhhh!” Dawn moaned through her gag. “Mrph Mrph Mrrrph Mrrrrrrphhhh!!!”

“Much better.” Zoey grinned as she gave Dawn's cheek a lick. “Now we can get on with a little fun.”

As Zoey got on top of the bound coordinator, Dawn could only lay there helpless and feel utterly embarrassed by the whole deal. While she had fantasized about embracing with Zoey in the past, she did not want it to happen like this, not in this circumstance. Making matters worse, her body was shamefully getting aroused by the whole scenario.

“Erect nipples I see.” Zoey teased and laughed. “You naughty, naughty girl!”

As if to punish Dawn, Zoey pinched and pulled hard on both of Dawn;s nipples.

“MMMMMRRRRPPPPHHHH!” Dawn muffled through her gag, only for the pain to subside when Zoey started to lick and suck on her nipples. “Mrrpph Mrrrppphhh...”

Once finished, Zoey crawled backward dwn Dawn's body, ensuring her chin stroked Dawn's navel along the way to her next destination.

“Wet already huh?” Zoey grinned at Dawn's soaked love lips. “Boy you really are a slut arnt ya?”

“MRPH?!?” Dawn looked down in-between her breasts. She couldnt be wet down there she thought. Was she...getting turned on about this ordeal? Sure she was attracted to Zoey, but she was in bondage and being seduced by force. Was being tied up and dominated really a thing for her?

“I'm in the mood for champagne!” Zoey licked her lips. “Guess I better pop your cork to get some!”

“MRRPH MRRRRPPH!” Dawn shook her head back and forth as Zoey moved forward closer and closer to her sweet spot. Soon enough as soon as Zoey made the first upward stroke with her tongue against Dawn's pussy, an immediate jolt of pleasure shook Dawn at her core. “MMMMMRRRRRRRPPPPHHHHH!!!!”

“Like that, don't ya slut? How about this?”

Teasing Dawn some more, Zoey took a tiny nibble at Dawn's erect clit. Not so hard, but certainly enough for Dawn to notice.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHH!” Dawn screamed in pleasure more, letting out something she could not help as a tiny squirt of love juice splashed on Zoey's chin.

“Yeah you liked that huh?” Zoey stroked her chin then licked her fingers. “Now that I've had a sip, I want a full glass!”

Zoey resumed her quest for pussy juice as she continued to eat Dawn out, licking and motioning her wet tongue in many directions against the bound coordinator's inner vagina walls as well as her lips, while also teasing Dawn's hard clit with her nose as well as an occasional lick. Poor Dawn was in a pickle, unable to do anything in her tied up position. As she wiggled and crossed her toes together while clutching her fists, Dawn could feels herself losing her mind to Zoey's pleasure. She could of tried to hold back the building orgasm inside of her and not let Zoey win, however this was exactly what Dawn had fantasized on all those nights thinking about her best friend so holding back was not an option, especially with her body in a sweat and every single stroke of Zoey's tongue causing more pleasure jolts to shoot throughout her body. No choice, Dawn erupted her most powerful orgasm in her life.


With the orgasm overflowing, Zoey began sucking the sweet nectar coming out of Dawn, swallowing every drop until she stopped.

“Sweet...” Zoey licked her lips clean. “And I bet Ash and Kenny could never do anything that amazing!”

Unaware that Dawn was still a virgin and being made to believe by her Mistress that Dawn was a sluty girl that fucks boys like Ash and Kenny all the time, Zoey crawled back up towards Dawn's face as the blue haired damsel in non-distress breathed heavily, while her eyes were a daze. It was there Zoey noticed something a little odd.

“Say, your hair's gotten all scruffy.” Zoey noticed, then paused as she realized what it could mean. “Does your hair just poof into scruffiness whenever you orgasm?”

“...Mrph..Mrph...” Dawn moan gentle to say “Ah ha.” though her mind felt blank from the orgasm.

“Ha, no wonder whenever we see you in the morning, your hair is like that! You horny bitch!” Zoey laughed. Though partly true, Dawn regular played with herself on regular nights. Her hair certainly reacted oddly sometimes, like whenever her hair would get zapped by electric attacks it would go all spikey, or when Piplup Bubblebeams her hair it shines like a diamond, or indeed, when she cums it would poof into a scruffy mess, hence why she would regularly have morning problems trying to brush it neatly.

“A horny bitch indeed!” spoke a voice as Ursula walked through the door and into the room before closing the door behind her.

“Ah Mistress!” Zoey looked excited. “How did you do?”

“First prize ribbon of course!” Ursula held up her prize. “Piece of cake, now let's see how you've done with her.”

Ursula walked over to Dawn then undid her gag. Dawn was still dazed and numb from the neck up, barely noticing Ursula.

“ Hmm, you really do get so dazed after you cum don't you?” asked Ursula.

Dawn gently nodded her head.

“Well then, guess I best be quick!” Ursula began to quickly undress herself until she was also naked. Once ready, she got up onto the bed in a kneeling position above Dawn's dizzy head.

“There you go, now you can eat me out.” Ursula grinned, knowing full well that getting Dawn to do such a thing without hypnosis would be all the more sweeter. “Just relax and let your tongue do all the work! Then of course let my cum drain down your throat!”

Not yet come to her senses, Dawn did as she was told and accepted Ursula's pussy onto her mouth and began to stroke it with her tongue just like Zoey did.

“Pussy...” Dawn's numb mind though. “...feel so....satisfied...”

“Oooo yes!” Ursula smiled. “Like that! Zoey dear, make sure she stays this dazed and confused!”

“Yes Mistress!” Zoey got back to licking Dawn's wet and sticky pussy again. As such, both the bound Coordinator and the twisted curled Coordinator both left like heaven having their most sensitive area massaged by tongues.

“AHHH, AHHHHH, YESSS!” Ursula moaned in pleasure. “YOU'RE REALLY GOOD AT THIS DAWN!!!! AHHHHHH!”

“MMMMMMMMM....” Dawn moaned, giving off almost like a vibrating sensation with her mouth before her head finally cleared. “.....Wait, what am I doing?!?” she thought to herself, realizing where her mouth was forced againist and who she was pleasuring.

“AAHHH, FINALLY COME TO YOU, AHHHH, SENSES HUH?” Ursula forced her cunt down even more.

“MMMRRRPHH MRRRRPPPHHHH!” Dawn moaned not from a gag this time but from her rival's pussy against her mouth. She wanted to stop licking Ursula, but her own pussy was getting the same treatment from Zoey, who's every lick caused Dawn to keep licking Ursula as if the pleasure joints from her pussy to her brain were like orders from her brain to her tongue. She could only blush a bright red as she could not stop herself.


“MMMRRRPPHH MMMRRRPPHH MMMMMMMMRRRRRPPPHHH!!!” Dawn moaned in unison with Ursula's orgasmic moans as her rival came on her mouth, inflating Dawn's cheeks by force while at the same time, Dawn gave another almighty orgasm into Zoey's mouth. As her mind entered another daze, Dawn swallowed the contents of her mouth, forgetting what exactly it was she received.

“Ahhhhh, Ahhhhhhh...” Ursula puffed. “That....was.....amazing....”

“Yes, she does lick a cunt good doesnt she?” Zoey complemented Dawn. “No doubt she's licked her share of pussy too!”

Once Ursula caught her breath back, she got off of Dawn's face and laid down next to her, admiring her bound rival.

“Boy, your hair sure has gotten most scruffy.” Ursula twisted a finger through Dawn's hair and wrapping it round her finger. “And still very dazey too, I bet you masturbate very often don't you?”

“Uh ha...” Dawn muttered, her numb mind answering before thinking.

“How often, once a week?” Ursula asked.

“Once....day....” Dawn answered.

“Oh my, you really are a horny bitch arnt you?” Ursula giggled.


“Well, that dazed mind of yours will be just right for hypnosis! I better be quick...”

With that said, Ursula grabbed a Pokeball from her discarded dress pocket from the floor to let out her Pokemon Hypno onto the bed stood above Dawn's head.

“Hypno, Hypnosis.” Ursula ordered. The Yellow Pokemon performed its attack on Dawn's dazed eyes. Rather then put up a fight, Dawn took all off the Hypnosis attack, drool a mix of her own spit and Ursula's pussy juice ran down her chin and neck as her mind numbed even more and her eyes looked even more empty then before as open suggestion took over her thoughts.

“Wonderful! You can stop now Hypno.” Ursula ordered her Pokemon to stop then returned it to its Pokeball.

“Mmm, she's going to become like me isn't she?” Zoey licked her lips in delight.

“You bet.” Ursula winked at her slave. “Can you hear me Dawn?”

“....yes.” Dawn replied.

“Good, you're quite the horny bitch arnt ya?”

“I'm quite the horny bitch.”

“Great.” Ursula laughed, longing to hear such words come out for Dawn's mouth for the longest time. “Who are you horny for the most?”


“Oh ready? No wonder you came so hard when I played with you!” Zoey laughed.
“Indeed.” Zoey began to input her brainwash template into Dawn's mind. “Everything you admire about Zoey you will still think about. In-fact thanks to me, you'll love her even more so. Expect it will not be Zoey you will love. From now on, everything you feel about Zoey will now be directed towards me. You will love me even more then her, while Zoey will be your partner in serving me. Instead of being a secret, your love towards me is fully acknowledged and I accept your love. You are willing to become my love slave, doing everything that I say, even giving up your ambitions as a Pokemon Coordinator to serve me as my sex obsessed servant. Sex with me is the best, you will do everything I say in the name of my body. When I clap my hands, everything I told you will be your way of thinking for the rest of your life. 3...2...1...and...”

“Ooooo.” Dawn moaned as her eyes blinked and her new mindset was put into motion. “M-Mistress! Where...”

“Ah you're awake Dawn!” Ursula spoke. “You fell asleep during our bondage role play. You came so hard, you must of passed out!”

“I did?” Dawn muttered, trying her best to remember before her mind just accepted whatever her Mistress told her. “Yes, I did didn't I?”

“You sure did you horny girl. Come on, let's untie you so you can show me your appreciation.” Ursula began untying Dawn's wrists while Zoey worked on the ankles. Once free, Dawn sat up and launched herself onto Ursula, hugging and kissing her Mistress passionately while their breasts pressed together. “Oh my, you really want me don't you?”

“Yes Mistress. I love you sooo much!” Dawn confessed her love for the millionth time, unaware it was actually the first time.

“And I love you both.” Ursula replied. “Come here Zoey, don't be a stranger!”

“Yes Mistress!” Zoey crawled over while discarding her clothing, not once questioning in her mind if Ursula did the same to her as Dawn, her mind programmed so well it just accepted whatever her Mistress told her. She joined with the other two, moving in forward enough so that her breasts were also in contact with the other duo set of breasts and her mouth also kissing Ursula at the same time as Dawn, as well as licking each other's tongue and months.

“Ooooh fuck yeah, this is going to be hotter with three girls!” Ursula thought in her mind. The rest of their evening was full of many sexual acts, each one hotter and more full of lust then the last.

Some weeks later, Ursula was competing in her next Contest. It was a double battle and she Pokemon were doing well, nearly at the point of winning the second round. Of course, Ursula did have her personal cheering squad behind her cheering her on.

“Go for it Mistress!” Zoey cheering in her slave attire and holding a pair of pompoms.

“You're the best Mistress!” Dawn cheered, wearing a matching slave outfit to Zoey's and just like Zoey, her hair now fashioned exactly like her Mistress's but still her national colour. She was also shaking some pompoms in appreciation. The slaves cheered the most when their Mistress won.

“YAY!!! OUR MISTRESS URSULA IS THE BEST!!!” Both slaves cheered in union. “Oh this gets us soooo horny!”

Both slaves dropped their pompoms, embraced and made out with each other. The mostly male crowd cheered as loud as the slave were cheering for Ursula at the hot action going on. Their mindsets adjusted to the hypnosis so well now, there was no going back to their old lives or original memories, now so in love with Ursula as well as each other. Ursula looked at her slaves and smiled.

“Hehheh. The only thing sweeter then this victory in the “after party” celebration we're gonna have.” Ursula licked her lips.

After Ursula accepted her new ribbon, she walked off with her slaves with a hand to each butt of her slaves to her hotel room.

The three had never been so happy in their entire lives...

The End?