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The Twists and Twirls of Ursula

Chapter One

The door to a dressing room slammed open as a Pokemon Coordinator by the name of Ursula barged in angrily, slamming the door closed with the same amount of force she kicked it open with. She stomped towards the dresser and sat down, looking at her reflection in the dresser mirror with dagger eyes.


The two she was referring to were her contest rivals, Dawn and Zoey. Dawn had previously defeated her in the Grande Festival, making it all the way to the finals, while Zoey had also made it that far as well. What got on her nerves was that those two were rivals but acted like the best of friends to each other outside of competition, and that drove Ursula in anger. She was so certain to herself that friendship was a sign of weakness in the art of Pokemon Contest, that you should only look out for yourself and no one else, but no. Those two were helping each other out, having sleep overs and doing all sorts of things friends do. It was against everything she believed in Pokemon Contests, and yet it defeated her.

“Grr, if only there was some way I could....I dunno, exact my revenge and show them how...”

At that moment, Ursula remembered something. She recalled a time when she was listening in secretly to a conversation Dawn's friend Ash was having with Dawn and Brock. Ash was recalling a previous adventure of when children of some town were vanishing, which turned to be caused by some rich folks and the hypnotic waves of their Drowzee and Hypno. What caught Ursula's attention was the part where Ash's former travelling companion Misty got hypnotized and started acting like a Seel.

“Hmm, I wonder why no one's ever taken advantage of Hypnosis Pokemon before?” wondered Ursula. Her curiosity soon turned into an evil grin as a plan hatched inside her mind. “Think it's time to add a new Pokemon to my team, hehheh....”

Some months pass later. We find Zoey in a hotel room in Lilycove City. The Sinnoh Grand Festivel had ended and now the next place for most Coordinators was Hoenn. Zoey got there early for the opportunity for a short break before the contests began, maybe catch a tan, go swimming, all that stuff. Her friend Dawn meanwhile had travelled with Ash and Brock as far as the Sinnoh League, then they went their separate ways. Dawn was uncertain what to do next in her Coordinator career so she headed home to train and make a decision. Zoey was certain she was going to join her and travel the Hoenn region. Secretly, Zoey was hoping they would do it...together. Even though they were rivals, she was planning on popping the question to Dawn to travel with her throughout the Hoenn region before Kenny would propose the same thing again. Deep down, Zoey had strong feelings towards Dawn and she had hoped that if they travelled together without Ash and Brock being in the way, she could muster up the strength to tell Dawn her feelings, as well as spend enough time to perhaps get an idea of how Dawn might react to the news. She knew it would be tough to confess feelings of true love towards a person of the exact same gender and there was high risk of rejection, but she knew letting it eat at her core the rest of her life would be just as hard, if not harder. It was the reason why she helped out Dawn so many times when Dawn was at her worst defeats, and she always made sure to help pick her up.

“Hmm, Dawn...” she muttered in a daydream state, sat at her room dresser.

“Hey yo!” Ursula kicked opened the door. “Hope I'm not interrupting anything!”

“Ursula!” Zoey blushed, standing up as fast as she could. “W-What are you doing here?!?”

“Same reason as you. I'm here for the Hoenn Contests after all.”

“But they're not for weeks! You can't of...”

“Can't of what? Had the same idea as you? Of known you'd be here? That you're having arousing daydreams of that short skit goodie two shoes?”

“What? That's not true!”

“Oh, we'll see if that's the case very shortly. In-fact, I'm gonna get to know you a lot more both inside and out...”

At that moment, Ursula let out a Pokemon from a Pokeball in her hand. Out came a Hypno in front of Zoey.

“What is this?” Zoey asked as she looked into the creepy looking face of the Pokemon.

“My newest Pokemon.” Ursula explained. “AND my key to victory! Use Hypnosis Hypno!”

“Hypno!” the Pokemon obeyed its Mistress. The yellow Pokemon held up and swung its pendulum left and right for Zoey to see. Zoey knew right away that Hypno was a hypnosis Pokemon and should not be looked at when it casts its hypnosis attack, but as soon as that thought came into her mind, it was already too late for the exact moment a Hypno begins its Hypnosis attack, there's no looking away. Her eyes stuck to the sight of the pendulum like a magnet, Zoey's eyes followed the movement of the swinging item. At first it made her dizzy, but slowly Zoey's eyes entered a deep trance with eyes so dark and empty of life. Her mouth hung open slightly as all thoughts in her mind came to a screeching halt as if the power to the brain was suddenly switched off. Ursula meanwhile just smiled as her plan came to life right before her eyes.

“Wonderful Hypno!” She petted her newest Pokemon on the head. “You can stop now.”

The Pokemon ceased its attack. Zoey just stood there quiet and emotionless without a thought in the world.

“This worked perfectly!” Ursula walked towards Zoey, lifting the hypnotized girl's face upwards so her eyes were in direct contact of each other's. “Now then, you are to do as I say from now on. Is that understood.”

“Yes...” Zoey replied.

“Yes....what?” Ursula asked her.


“Better. Now let's get you onto the bed.”

Slowly guiding Zoey towards the bed, Ursula also helped her lay down onto the bed. She could of easily of ordered her to go lie down but she felt more in control being the one to put her on there herself like Zoey was absolutely helpless and had no say in the matter what so ever.

“There we go.” Ursula rested Zoey's head onto the pillow. “Now let's help you out of those clothes!”

With Zoey's socks and trainers already off, Ursula began by unbuttoning and unzipping Zoey's jeans, revealing her Glameow white panties, then pulling them by the bottom sleeves to reveal Zoey long silk like legs before they were completely off.

“Hmm, why you hide those legs of yours...” Ursula observed. “...then again, you were always very tomboy like.”

Next on Ursula's engender was taking off Zoey's orange jacket. Afterwards she lifted off Zoey's sweater to reveal a pair of nicely sized breasts contained within a white bra.

“Man, talk about hiding stuff!” Ursula looked in awe. “You could have any guy with melons that big! Still, not that it matters, they belong to me now!”

With a grab in-between the hypnotized girl's breasts, Ursula yanked the bra off with one tug, ripping the bra hooks successfully in one go and removing the bra which caused Zoey's breasts to bounce freely

“Nearly there...” Ursula finished by pulling the Glameow panties down Zoey's long legs. Once she threw the underwear to the floor, Ursula stood up to admire her handy work so far, which Zoey laid there on the bed both naked, her arms placed on her sides, her eyes empty and a smile of happiness, not from anything from her now numb empty head but perhaps a side effect of the hypnosis.

“Wow, underneath all those clothes, you're certainly a full girl alright.” Ursula scanned her eyes all over the naked Coordinator. “Such a pity you waste such beauty under all those boyish crap that you wear all the time.“

Zoey did not respond to Ursula's complement, still only laying still to await further commands.

“Okay, now I want you to play with yourself as you'd normally do.” Ursula ordered. “Think of who or what you masturbate over the most as you are doing so!”

Just as ordered, Zoey began by spreading her legs open while raising one hand to her right breast and the other to her womanhood. Groping her own breast, Zoey started to stroke her pussy, already starting to soak into her sticky wet love juice. Her mouth wide open, she lips her lips as her breathing began to get heavy.

“Gooood, are you fantasizing about someone?” asked Ursula.

“Yes....AHH.” Zoey moaned.

“Let me guess, that blue haired girl right?”

“Ooooo yes...AHHHH!”

“You really do fancy her don't you?”

Zoey nodded as she really started to get a fast rhythm going, fingering herself as her love lips drooled like crazy while sweat began to drip down her wet body.

“Figures as much. Well, listen closely. What I say next will be most important.”

“Y-yes...Ahhh, Mistress!”

Sitting next to Zoey, Ursula began to stroke the fapping girl's forehead as her hypnotic brainwashing started.

“Everything you admire about Dawn you will still think about. In-fact thanks to me, you'll love her even more so. Expect it will not be Dawn you will love. From now on, everything you feel about Dawn will now be directed towards me. You will love me even more then her, while Dawn will just be some girl that I am rivals with. You feel nothing for her but would happily do whatever I say out of love. Instead of being a secret, your love towards me is fully acknowledged and I accept your love. You are willing to become my love slave, doing everything that I say, even giving up your ambitions as a Pokemon Coordinator to serve me as my sex obsessed servant. Sex with me is the best, you will do everything I say in the name of my body. When I clap my hands, everything I told you will be your way of thinking for the rest of your life. 3...2...1...and....”

Once Ursula clapped her hands, Zoey moaned as an orgasm not only rocked her whole body, but totally rewrote her mind and way of thinking all thanks to the power of Ursula's suggestion and the hypnosis entrancing her. After a few breaths, Zoey blinked her eyes which had almost returned normal, almost a mix of half normal and half still in a trance.

“* puff * W.....what happened?” Zoey asked confused. “Why...”

“Silly girl.” Ursula giggled. “You could not go five minutes without playing with yourself about me could you? Arceus sake, I was just gone for the bathroom.”

“Mistress!” Zoey looked at Ursula, remembering who she was at least who she thought Ursula was post five minutes ago. “I'm sorry. When you're gone, I'm like a lonely Houndour who looses all track of time of how long their Master has gone. Feels like hours every second you're away!”

“Aww you. I bet you want to eat my pussy right about now don't ya?”

“Oh absolutely Mistress!” Zoey sat up in excitement like an excited Houndour.

“Guess we better get started then!” Ursula began taking her clothes off, letting her dress plummet to the floor, then her underwear and white tights soon followed. Now as naked as her slave, Ursula laid down on the bed next to Zoey while Zoey got up and buried her mouth and face into her Mistress's womenhood.

“AAAAHHHH!” Ursula yelped in surprise as the joint of pleasure was beyond what she had ever experienced before. “I never thought a tongue would feel this good!”

With her fingers now out of a job, Ursula reassigned her hands on each of her breasts to groping duties, as well as teasing her own stiff nipples. She already was getting wet from both a sweat and just how good Zoey was making her feel. With all of her former passion for Dawn now multipled by ten being put into Ursula now, Zoey never slowed down licking and sucking off of Ursula's pussy like the sweetest peach she had ever suckled on.


With that, a great orgasm sprayed into Zoey's mouth who made sure she did not miss a drop of the sweet nectar she received from her great bee queen. Even once the orgasm came to an end, Zoey went right back into eating out her mistress.

“Yesss....again!” Ursula breathed heavily, already shattered from her greatest orgasm but still wanted more like it was a wonder drug. “AAAHHH, I WANT YOU TO SEX ME UP ALL NIGHT IN EVERY WAY WE CAN THINK OF!”

And that was how Ursula's night came to be. As many positions as they could think of, Ursula and Zoey made love all night long, licking each other, locking together their most private areas in a orgasmic act of love, even when Ursula could no longer move from exhaustion, Zoey carried on into the night. As Ursula began to pass out in a orgasm she lost count of, she did wonder if she went overboard with the brainwash, but her body did not seem to care anymore. This was the best sex she had ever experienced after all, she had hit the jackpot.

The next afternoon, since the two slept throughout the morning, the two finally awoke still soaked and reeked in each other's sweat and love juice. Even Ursula's hair was no longer in the churls she was known for, now just long and wet.

“Damn.....” she muttered. “That...was...awesome....”

“Well, I just love you so much Mistress!” Zoey smiled. “You're way more amazing then that Dawn girl who keeps ruining your contests!”

“Yes, but you even get all that energy from? You must of carried on for hours after I passed out!”

“I guess I'm fuelled by love Mistress!”

“I'd say! Well, guess we better go shower together then get ready for the next contest.”

“I hope that Dawn won't be there.” Zoey sighed. “She's always ruining our fun!”

“You really don't like her do you?” Ursula tested her slave just to make sure not a hint of the old Zoey was coming back.

“No, I hate that blue haired bitch! I hate anyone who messes with my Mistress!”

“I bet you do. Perhaps we should pay her a visit.”

“Why? Why must we engaged the enemy of my Mistress?”

“Oh I dunno, I might have a plan up my sleeve...”

“Oh sweet Mistress!” Zoey kissed Ursula on the lips. “I love you so much!”

“I love ya too. Now, let's now delay that sexy shower of ours any further!”

The two slowly limbed towards the bathroom as their legs were like jelly from all the action the previous night. Ursula's plan had worked perfectly AND she'd get all the girl on girl action she'd ever want as a bonus.

All that stood in her way now was a certain blue haired rival of hers....

To Be Continued

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