Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Future of the Blog Part 2

As you probably have guessed, I've kinda stopped posting here in favor of Patreon. ^^;

So basically if you want to see my newest works that I cannot post on Deviantart, you can find them all over on my Patreon gallery both for free and as a $2 donator many new exclusive artwork and fanfiction you will not find anywhere else. ;)

As for this blog, it'll serve as a backup in-case I need it but there won't really be anymore updates here.

A MASSIVE thank you for everyone who has watched and viewed this blog over the years. In due time, we have make the Patreon Gallery even more awesome then this blog ever achieved! ;)

As a parting gift, here is a new banner for this blog as it'll also serve as an archive for the older content and a sort of preview for the Pateon gallery too. This sexy banner was made by someone really special and very dear to me. <3 p="">
Once again, thank you all, and see you over on Patreon! =D

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